Scott & White

Case Study

Scott & White Case Study

Problem: Need to decrease 30-day hospital readmission rates for asthma

Famous for family-centered care, McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple, Texas, has helped Scott & White Healthcare build a national reputation for excellence. Still, like all hospitals, they need ways to help lower hospital readmissions. One of their key foci was to lower the 30-day readmission rate for asthma, a major metric for most hospital systems across the country. Traditional methods of patient education and follow-up did not seem sufficient to help patients fully comprehend and manage their asthma post-discharge. They sought better ways to engage their customers and drive down their asthma readmission rates.

Solution: Complete mobile platform for patient education, engagement, medication compliance, and treatment-specific metrics capture

Having been a longtime – and repeat – customer of Health Nuts Media, McLane Children’s Scott & White is now working with us to develop and study a new tool, a complete platform for asthma education, treatment compliance, and therapy metric gathering. Utilizing animation, games, rewards, social interactions, quizzes, simple surveys, and more, this new mobile-friendly app will allow providers to continue their connection with patients after discharge providing incentives and measuring outcomes. Built upon HNM’s Huff & Puff: The Asthma App, this platform will offer a full suite of tools to engage and educate patients, gather actionable clinical data, and inspire behavioral change – with our ultimate goals being improved patient care and reduced 30-day hospital readmissions.