KEAP – Kids’ Education Advisory Panel


We have an outstanding team of adult professionals to help guide the educational content of Health Nuts Media offerings. But, there are experts who we think are just as authoritative – though less credentialed – whose opinions are perhaps even more valuable: kids.

Unique to Health Nuts Media, we have assembled a group of child health “specialists” in our Kids’ Education Advisory Panel (KEAP) to review all of our education content…well, the pediatric-oriented content, at least. Many have personal experience in dealing with certain health issues; all have understanding of health education relevance from the unique perspective of a child. Their insights are invaluable. Our KEAPers are all truly “keepers!”


Aidan B.

Athletically gifted and just as creative, Aidan is an eleven year old who shines as bright on an ice rink, soccer field, or basketball court as he does in school, in Cub Scouts, and as a Guitar Hero and computer games guru. He has won several awards for his humanism at school and is appreciated by friends and family alike for his sensitivity and role-modeling. He easily recognizes other people’s feelings and needs and works to solve problems with team work in mind. He is energetic with a fresh eye for creativity. He brings to the Health Nuts Media KEAPers team a desire to help and understand others as well as personal experience in successfully managing his own asthma.

Avery B.

Framed by her adorable glasses and long flowing hair, most often found with a book in hand or a computer at her finger-tips, Avery is a gifted nine year old advanced reader and math whiz. She has a natural curiosity regarding the human body and how it works. She loves snuggling with her parents, singing to the Disney Music channel, dancing at the studio, and drawing and penning short stories. (She’s a big fan of comedians, especially Jim Carrey.) She enjoys shooting hoops with her team and strategically placing the ball in the goal on the soccer field. She has taken an immediate love to the Health Nuts Media Snowmen video and looks forward to helping kids learn.

Beatrix J.

Ten year old Beatrix is an avid reader, a talented soccer player, and master of the Wii and iPad. From a very early age it was obvious to those around her that she had a gift for words and storytelling and empathy for others beyond her years. Her pre-school and elementary teachers always remarked how kind and thoughtful she was to other children and grown-ups alike. Beatrix brings a passion for helping others, a vivid imagination, and an expertise in new technology that only a kid can have.

Ellie B.

Strong-willed and determined, smart and spirited, Ellie is a survivor! Born with complex multiple congenital heart defects, Ellie was given very little hope for survival and spent 6 weeks on hospice. She has undergone three lifesaving open heart surgeries and has endured multiple procedures. (She is now a world class needlesticks expert.) Her personal experiences give this very courageous and compassionate eight year old incredible insight into the thoughts and feelings of very sick children.

Leah D.

Athletic, lively, funny, and friendly, Leah loves singing, having fun with friends, “getting involved in school things,” and helping people. She lives in Mozambique, Africa, and hopes to become a pediatrician some day. Loving and compassionate, she has a soft place in her heart for sick, incapacitated and hurting children, “in both physical and emotional circumstances.” She says, “I’ve seen so many people in pain and suffering. I’ve lived with someone who was in so much pain and I have also experienced sickness, infection, and pain. These things have impacted me so much that I can’t just stand by helplessly. I want to help in every way I can!”

Morgan G.

Fifteen year old Morgan is very creative, loves to knit, and enjoys creating many things with her hands such as drawing pictures and sewing. She is an avid reader and devours many books a week. She loves horses, riding as often as possible – and she can only be persuaded to leave the stables after she has gotten to ride, clean, and feed the mounts. She was previously a competitive cheerleader before she began her battles with a rare auto-immune disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. She enjoys helping people and wants to be a physical therapist when she gets older. She also likes to babysit and really enjoys playing with and teaching pre-school children. She is enthusiastic about working with Health Nuts Media and hopes to contribute from her own health care experiences and her love of all things electronic.

Nicky A.

Thirteen year old basketball-playing, video game-playing Nicky has a strong sense of family, a smile for everyone, and an engaging young wit. He seems to collect friends like a magnet. A powerful fan of the Steelers and Celtics, he has a strong competitive side. He “puts up with” his gifted reading class where his teacher says his insightful contributions are unparalleled (despite his less-than-full enthusiasm!) He hopes to bring his unique style to a Health Nuts animation character one day with a voiceover role, but in the meantime, he enjoys reviewing the work, singing the Snowmen song, and adding his valuable directions.

Riley B.

Seventeen year old educationally-gifted/talented teenager, Riley, is independent, sweet, proud, and happiest when she is with her horses. She enjoys Debate Club at school (where she can let out a little of her self-proclaimed “snarky side”) and is a creative writer. Her personal experience with epilepsy and an auto-immune disease, which equates to lots of doctors appointments, managing a health issue at school, being in the hospital and communicating how she is doing with her teachers and family, have given her some valuable insights into the world of healthcare. Along with her love of writing, this special insight and expertise adds a powerful perspective to Health Nuts Media patient education content.