JFK Medical Center

Case Study

JFK Story

Problem: Patient fears and provider time sinks helping those with newly diagnosed asthma and diabetes

New Jersey-based JFK Medical Center noted the difficulties encountered by their nurses and health educators initiating conversations with newly diagnosed patients. From asthma to diabetes to pre-op concerns and more, patients and their families were understandably full of trepidation. Getting them to understand even the basics about their condition was hindered by fears, lack of health issue understanding, and reticence to to engage. It would often take prolonged visits to break through patient and family barriers and begin the health education needed.

Solution: HNM asthma and diabetes series put patients at ease and facilitate health education

Having been introduced to Health Nuts Media by our channel partner, TVR Communications (TVR), providers of the interactive patient system, pCare, JFK deployed the HNM health education content via their inpatient TV system and noticed an immediate impact. Nurses and health educators found that instead of walking into patient rooms and being faced by sullen faces, they now found patients and their families laughing and watching the HNM content. Instead of prolonged efforts trying to get them to engage, to even understand enough about their condition to begin to ask questions, staff members were being greeted with smiles and questions upon arrival. Health education efforts were facilitated greatly and initial fears seemed to have been assuaged. JFK had so much success that they have since engaged HNM’s content creation services to provide customized interactive system interfaces on their inpatient television/communication system.