HNM Advisors



Dr. Ron Pion

Strategic Advisor

Ron Pion

Dr. Ron Pion has a long history in healthcare, as practicing obstetrician, an academician, and an industry pioneer in healthcare telecommunications. (He seems to know just about everybody in the industry…and their brother!)


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Health Education Advisory Panel

Making health education and literacy fun is an important goal for us, but making it accurate is essential. We are building a global panel of leading health care experts to insure that all of our material meets the highest of medical standards. Our Health Education Advisory Panel (HEAP) consists of leading physicians, nurses, and health educators from around the U.S. and beyond.

We are continuing to expand our panel of experts to make certain that Health Nuts Media content remains continually on the leading edge of health information and education…to keep HNM at the top of the health education/entertainment heap!

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Kids’ Education Advisory Panel

We have an outstanding team of adult professionals to help guide the educational content of Health Nuts Media offerings. But, there are experts who we think are just as authoritative – though less credentialed – whose opinions are perhaps even more valuable: kids.

Unique to Health Nuts Media, we have assembled a group of child health “specialists” in our Kids’ Education Advisory Panel (KEAP) to review all of our education content…well, the pediatric-oriented content, at least. Many have personal experience in dealing with certain health issues; all have understanding of health education relevance from the unique perspective of a child. Their insights are invaluable. Our KEAPers are all truly “keepers!”

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